Resume or CV

Resume and CV are same?

How does it matter when you finally need a job? Who …

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Study From Home

Study from Home, The real Stressor

Homeschooling, hybrid schedules and isolation have unfortunately become a new normal …

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Social vs Emotional learning

Social and Emotional Learning

SEL or Social and Emotional Learning is a process that is …

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cyber security

Digi Age : How Safe are We!

You are being watch, today and always, even right now while …

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dress it up

Dress It Up!

Eastern formal or western formal for women Wearing a formal dress …

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Work Life Balance

GD Topic – Work- Life Balance is a Myth

The term ‘work life’ balance is misleading. Your life cannot start …

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leaders vs followers

GD Topic – Leaders Vs Followers

Leaders are mostly associated with power and authority. However, Leadership is …

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Mental health

GD Topic – Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

A pandemic is not just a medical phenomenon; it affects individuals …

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hard work vs smart work

GD Topic – Hard Work vs Smart Work

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” said Gordon B. Hinckley …

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group discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussions are done for elimination and not for selection. GD …

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Mental health

GD Topic – Impact of COVID 19 on the global economy

As per the research and findings of the World Bank, with …

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covid fuelled virtual word

GD Topic – The reality of the pandemic fueled virtual world of education in India

As per the data collected by UNESCO, with the outbreak of …

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