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Why keep the scores?

Grading system

Why keep the scores?

If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep the scores


Let begin this topic with know what actually the score and winning is.

Winning is that moment that is achieved when a person/team performs good, which in turn is dependent on scores.

Score is that value/figures that is given to a person or a team based on its performance in a given field or work. This score signifies how good or bad he is. It could be either GDP of a country, runs scored by a player, etc these help to determine how well he is been in his field of work, which in turn defines his dedication towards work.

Yes, winning isn’t everything:

  • Winning and losing is like a double-edged sword. If winning encourages us to continue same work in future then Losing equally teach us to do hard work, to realise our mistakes.
  • Every time it does not matter to win but its matter to learn every time. When we lose, we try to search for new ideas and we do lots of hard work for the great victory.
  • After a lot of hard work and after searching new and great ideas to win, when a person succeeds with a great victory then he/she realise the importance of losing a game and realise how that lose turn them into a strong man.
  • Winning is just to encourage people but a person who chooses his field with passion and interest, for them winning and losing does not matter. The only thing is matter is to do their best in that field and to learn from mistakes.

It is true that winning isn’t everything but they keep the score because:

  • Scores will appreciate the player/team/country to boost themselves into being good at what they do.
  • By keeping the sores, everyone can know their capability. Once they know that, keep working on it and increases it day by day. Just work hard to increase the skills and their talent not for the victory because victory is temporary, if they take that seriously, it will always become a burden on them.
  • Let us take an example if suppose I gave an exam and the results are out and they only gave the list of qualified and the non-qualified without giving their scores individually without any marks this is where the problem lies if suppose I didn’t qualified for the exam I will not know my scores and will not know where I am lacking in my exam Conversely if suppose the scores are given then I can easily understand where I am lacking and will put extra efforts in those areas and will try to qualify in my exam. So according to me, Scores must be definitely given irrespective of the results.
  • In this process if player/team/country fail to get a good score, scores help them to know where the undermine is, and they work on it to improve it. Which will certainly help them to improve their score in next term and might help them to win a match.
  • Scores help us in determining how well we are at a given work and gives us a chance to work on it, to build ourselves and win in our life if not in the game.
  • Suppose, If in games, the score is not included then how one can terminate the game that’s why for deciding the winner. So finish the game at certain level we need to know score.

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  1. Ritupriya Dutta

    In this Blog we can clearly understand the very minor difference between Winning and Keeping the score. Very interesting and very useful Blog to read.

  2. Dibya Ranjan Pattnaik

    Amazing blog, worth reading.

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