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Have we become a cynical society?

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Have we become a cynical society?

The term cynical derives from the ancient Greek philosophers, the cynics, who rejected all conventions, whether of religion, manners, housing, dress, or decency, instead advocating the pursuit of virtue in accordance with a simple and idealistic way of life. we cannot say that a society have become cynical it depends on situation, as some people have become cynical and some have not.

  • Society have always been selfish, but we used to live in smaller, more interconnected communities where being completely selfish was counterproductive.
  • Most people have a hard time understanding the global community we live in today, because it is harder to relate with.
  • The people in the City State could understand their community easily by just looking around. They were still cynical but helping those in their city was beneficial to themselves as well.
  • And there are some people who even trying hard not getting anything in their life they were losing hope it makes sense they would see the world as dark place. And they continuously losses hope as they think they will not get success so instead of thinking this people should work hard and try to flip their bad situation instead of feeling defeated and broken.
  • Usually, someone becomes cynical and pessimistic after having people or circumstances beat them down. They can’t get back up. The only way to stop it is for them to detox and de-clutter their lives of the people and circumstances causing the problems.
  • It’s not easy, for the people to leave all the problems as past but there is light at the end of the tunnel, as well as some incredible lessons learned.
  • And there is another type of person who use cynicism as cop out for example-
  • If you’re automatically suspicious and assume everyone is out to screw you over, you don’t have to risk being vulnerable.
  • If you think that all charity organizations are scam and rip off under the guise of altruism, you never have to be generous or helpful.
  • If you think that life is meaningless and futile, you don’t have to put any effort into making your own life, or the community, better. The list goes on.

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