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Khap panchayats

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Khap panchayats

Khap panchayats are not tenable in the modern society…

Khap panchayat is the union of a few villages, mainly in north India though it exists in similar forms in the rest of the country. Lately they have emerged as quasi-judicial bodies that pronounce harsh punishments based on age-old customs and traditions, often bordering on regressive measures to modern problems. However, aren’t Khap Panchayats redundant in the modern society where the government and the Supreme Court handle administrative and legal issues?

  • The self – styled leaders of Khap panchayats have gone to the extent of seeking legal sanctioned for their act of barbarism in unbelievable.


  • The Khap panchayat’s sole motive is to keep the caste system alive. Their barbaric act are also driven by the lack of political will to move against “honour killings” as our political leaders fear that they might lose the vote of dominant castes.


  • Village panchayats can be respected only when they discipline people and make them law abiding. But when they have the audacity to question the wisdom of a court verdict and the temerity to issue an ultimatum to the government to amend the Hindu Marriage Act, there is no option other than banning them.


  • The leaders of the khap panchayats should not be allowed o take the law into their own hand and murder youngsters in the name of ensuring moral dignity or rendering social justice.


  • Khap panchayat has prohibited youngsters from using mobile phones and banned girls from wearing T-shirts and jeans. They claimed that improper dressing of women is the reason for an increase in the number of rape cases in the country. This is not indicative to modern society by doing this khap panchayat is hampering Indian’s progress which is not good for this modern world.


  • It is highly unfortunate that in a democratic and civilised society like India, dreadful, division khap panchayats continue to exist. The report of khap panchayat leaders condemning the court verdict in the Babli-Manoj honour killing case is outrageous. It shows their disrespect for the rule of law.


  • It would in the larger of society to create awareness on the evil practices of khap panchayats and engineer a social understanding for its abolition. The tradition of dialogue and persuasion must be followed in order to get rid of this malevolent institution.


  • The government should not give complete freedom to Khap Panchayat on administrative matters and legal issues. In fact, law should be governed by the Supreme Court.


  • Today, we see a decline in the number of Khap Panchayats in the country. This shows that they are losing their importance in the society.


  • Since we cannot ignore the views of Khap Panchayats, we should ensure that their views are heard and yet the power lies in the Supreme Court. Similarly, we cannot prohibit youngsters from getting exposed to the modern world and the media; hence


  • The government should come up with the best possible solution that will not oppress youngsters and still, ensure proper development of the country.


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