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Lesson from Covid-19 pandemic

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Lesson from Covid-19 pandemic

Covid was bad, but what it taught us was good…


Covid 19 is the disease caused by SARC-COV-2, the corona virus that emerged in 2019.  Covid-19 is a mega-pandemic, if ever there was one. No other outbreak, even if it was called a pandemic by the World Health Organization, affected people in as many countries as this one has. There are many different kinds of coronaviruses. Some of them can cause colds or other mild respiratory (nose, throat, lung) illnesses. Other coronaviruses can cause serious diseases, including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).


The virus taught us the importance of taking responsibility for our lives. Even vaccines, the best hospitals and doctors could not save the lives of millions who died. Our first line defense has been wearing facemasks, handwashing and social distancing.

People should financially prepared – means having enough savings and a healthy portfolio of investments enough to sustain one’s lifestyle despite economic challenges and entails making your money work for you.

The importance of accessibilityThe COVID-19 pandemic is changing society, getting us used to stay at home to do our part in “flattening the curve.” During these times, we realize the importance of investing in a living space with a prime location with access to basic needs.

It also taught us that vulnerable people like migrant workers will be most affected by this kind of situations. This phase taught us to take immediate steps to protect vulnerable people.

COVID-19 taught companies that work from home option is not as bad as they thought.

It also taught us that internet access should be available to all to prevent deepening inequality. As today many people were depending upon internet as they all are doing their work with the help of internet like educating their children, availing telemedicine facilities and many more.

Covid-19 has also taught us that we can also live in this world without having luxury products.

Covid-19 has also taught us that no work is big or small the only things matter in this life is money with which we can serve our family.

Covid has also taught us that we should share important information with everyone because by sharing information we can save someone’s life.

Corona virus taught everyone to keep ourself clean all time and to wash hand before eating food which many people do not follow while eating.

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  1. Anuska Roy

    Exactly, we never thought these things in our pre- covid life, I can see that still now some companies are preferring work from home facilities and also tutors are teaching online. People start doing courses online. Seriously Covid too gave us many lessons.

  2. Arnab Bhattacharjee

    Yes I completely agree , we never gave these things any thought in our pre-covid lives. However, I can see that certain businesses still favour work-from-home options, and instructors are also providing online instruction. People begin taking online courses. Seriously, Covid also taught us a lot of things.

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