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Work from home (Pros and Cons)

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Work from home (Pros and Cons)

To work and to see your child play at the same time is fun, is it?


Work from home is a job where employees can do his or her job from home. Work from home is a modern work approach enabled through the internet and mobility wherein irrespective of the physical location of individual work can be done. Work from home is also known as working remotely for telecommuting which implies that the employee is working from a remote location usually home.



  • Employees can work at flexible times, as they can work at any time. The only motive is there to complete the task which has been assigned to them.
  • They can take care of both their families and can do work as well.
  • They also save a cost of office like electricity bill spaces etc.
  • They can also save themselves from the disease and virus which they can get while traveling to go for the office.
  • Employees also feel motivated as they get a good work-life balance and improve their productivity.


  • Cons:
  • Work from home increases the cost of  Employees like broadband charges, technological infrastructure.
  • Work from home create conflict among employees as there remain communication problem between employees.
  • In work from a home employee has become too lazy to complete the task, for example, some employees take one day to complete a task in the office and in work from home for the same task they were taking two days to complete it which is quite disappointing.
  • There is always a security problem as in work from home employees can transfer office data to our competitors and that cannot be monitored easily.
  • In work from home, there is always a problem with monitoring the work.

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