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Will NIRBHAYAS Be Repeated?


Will NIRBHAYAS Be Repeated?


“ Nirbhaya” is the pseudonym used for the rape victim of the infamous 16 December 2012 Delhi     gang rape incident. There was a lot of social outrage due to the gruesome incident. There were a lot of candle light marches, solidarity movements and protests. India has always been notorious for being unsafe for women, and this was the spark which ignited the fire of public outrage. Due to which the government was pushed to act. Sadly, not much has changed. Such incidents still continue to happen.

Yes, in the absence of strict law Nirbhayas will be repeated. The reason behind which is

  • Challenges in getting the complaint registered, proving the rape actually occurred, impact of a low conviction rate, an embarrassing investigation, stigma attached with the victim characterize the procedures and systems in India. Criminals take advantage of these factors which leads to incidents of rape cases in India.
  • When there will be no strict law people with bad intentions will not fear from the law made by the government and this kind of incident will continue to grow.
  • Because of poor implementation of laws and lacklustre attitude of the government authorities that such incidents keep taking place
  • The Indian education system has still not been able to incorporate sex education in school which results in a lack of knowledge and it is a possible cause for an increase in sexual crimes like rape
  • India is experiencing a sea change in terms of economic growth and development, technology, lifestyle etc. In the process it is adopting western outlook and concepts. These changes have significantly affected our values and concepts, for example growing number of nuclear families and break down of traditional joint family. The technology has exposed children to all kinds of violent behaviours, criminal ideology, and porn movies as well as rapes too. This influences children and even adults indulging in these activities which increase the potential risk of rape in the country.
  • one of the major reasons for increased crime in the society. Separation from family, lack of identity and possible anonymity of the migrants is also a possible explanation of the increasing rate of rape.
  • The masculinity versus femininity dimension refers to the different roles assumed by men and women in a society. It has been set in the mind of some people that “Men are in charg e of the sexuality of women due to which their children were also getting affected and this difference has been set in their mind from their childhood such a scenario may led to crimes like rape in India.
  • Gender inequality is a source of power distance in India and females often have much less power than their male counterparts. This may be a reason for easier sexual exploitation of females by males and prevalence of rape in the country.

Comments (3)

  1. Anuska Roy

    Absolutely written correct .Not everyone who raped gets punishment, only poor people who can not afford best lawyers get punishment. Strict should be taken.

  2. Arnab Bhattacharjee

    yes If political leaders and govt are with the common people,not only with the richer section then Nirbhaya would never repeat again.

  3. Ritupriya Dutta

    If government implement proper and strict law then Nirbhaya incident would never repeat again, that is true… But girls should not only rely only on Govt rules, they should know how to protect them from this criminal also..

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