Grading system

Why keep the scores?

If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep the scores   …

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Communalism and Social Cohesion

Communalism and its impact on social cohesion… Communalism in the western …

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GD topics WAT Topics 2022 micro presentations

Have we become a cynical society?

The term cynical derives from the ancient Greek philosophers, the cynics, …

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Group Discussion GD 2022 mba

Lesson from Covid-19 pandemic

Covid was bad, but what it taught us was good… COVID-19 …

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group discussion topics 2022 mba admission

Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana

PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana and its impact on Indian poor… …

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group discussion 2022 mba entrance

Work from home (Pros and Cons)

To work and to see your child play at the same …

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gd topics 2022 group discussion

Do deadlines destroy creativity?

Deadline tells us how creative a person is, what kind of …

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GD Topics 2022

Anonymity on Internet

Internet is a great mystery to remain hidden inside it…..   …

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Resume or CV

Resume and CV are same?

How does it matter when you finally need a job? Who …

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Study From Home

Study from Home, The real Stressor

Homeschooling, hybrid schedules and isolation have unfortunately become a new normal …

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Social vs Emotional learning

Social and Emotional Learning

SEL or Social and Emotional Learning is a process that is …

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cyber security

Digi Age : How Safe are We!

You are being watched, today and always, even right now while …

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