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Anonymity on Internet

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Anonymity on Internet

Internet is a great mystery to remain hidden inside it…..


Anonymity has both advantage and disadvantage on the internet. Anonymity can be advantageous when people have positive purpose behind their work and doing good things. And anonymity can be harmful when people have negative motive behind their work and harassing people and misusing the benefit of anonymity.


Anonymity should be allowed on internet because:

  • For someone hiding their identity online can be a matter of safety for example if someone if something wrong is happening in the country and people want to convey their message what actually did think regarding the situation but cannot tell due to their reveal of the name which might be harmful to them due to some political people this enormity people can convey their message freely.
  • The concept of anonymity is not new to our society since many years several writers have opted to be anonymous to avoid judgment from their community and society.
  • For someone people who do not really express their talent in social media due to some problem, anonymity helps them in showing their talent on the social media platform.
  • Anonymity helps in avoiding the judgment of others for example there are many people who ask a question which they cannot ask anyone in real life due to the anonymity they can ask and can get the solution for their problem.
  • By being anonymous people can spread wrongdoing that was happening around them without having any fear of being targeted by anyone.


Anonymity should not be allowed:

  • Many political parties can misuse the option of anonymity to discredit the people of other political parties.
  • Many people can use the option of anonymity to give negative and bad comments to all famous people which is illegal.
  • Some people spread fake information and news regarding anything by being anonymous which cannot be trusted.
  • People can cyber bully with hidden credentials

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  1. Arnab Bhattacharjee

    he use of anonymity is putting the security of the Internet and the communities rely on its at risk. It supports spammers, stalkers, hackers, digital vandalism, bots, rogue accounts, digital gang wars, fake identities, identity theft and many other online illegal activities

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