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Digi Age : How Safe are We!

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Digi Age : How Safe are We!

You are being watched, today and always, even right now while you are reading this !!

In this Digital Era, it is so easy to reach anyone from anywhere. Thanks to the internet and technology. Thousands of online platforms have opened to communication and access to the ocean of knowledge and information. It’s a boom to the new generation. Marketers, students, scientists or professionals’ people from any field continent sex or background can use it to benefit from it.

Everything has two sides, Good and bad. Along with the uncountable advantages the internet has offered us, it has also given space for crimes too. Fraudulent activities have been recorded which can pose a threat to even the national security of a country. It is a matter of concern but let’s understand cyber-crime and how you can be safe from these crimes.

What is cybercrime?

Crime refers to all the actions/ activities done with the wrong intention. Cyber-crime is a kind of fraud done online using a computer network. Criminals use the computer to access important and personal information from other computers by illegal means. Anyone can be a victim of these crimes, an individual, an organization or a country. Frauds like computer hacking, stealing bank databases, harassment through social platforms, installing virus and pirated software and many more are categorized under cybercrime.

Cybercrime includes stealing finance related information via mobiles, fake calls, emails and message which can lead to heavy money transactions and financial thefts are common these days.  Hacking other personals’ IP addresses to access their personal details or identity and later blackmail or bully them is another threat.

Social platforms help to connect with friends and family around the globe, but criminals harass their targets through messages and emails, or stalk their social media accounts, posting indecent or negative content on the web page to defame a company’s image which has become a major concern.

How can you protect against these Cyber Crimes?

Everyone using the internet should use some means of precautions against these crimes. New advanced security software is been available. Install them can by far help to protect your system. To protect your identity, keep your privacy settings of social platforms locked from public access and a strong password for all the VNP and system.

Don’t click on unknown links that can lead you to a fake site. These fake sites ask you for your ids and passwords. Practice safe searches and surfing. Rely on websites that are secured for shopping and information. These days, Companies hire professionals who keep the entire system safe and secured from any kind of leak or theft.

Laws against cybercrime

There are several laws formed by the government against cyber fraud to protect the people’s interest. Laws are being formed to provide justice to the victims. Several awareness programs are also being made to educate people about the frauds. If anyone feels a victim of cybercrime can file a complaint at the cyber cell office. Legal action and proper procedural investigation are performed to punish the criminal. New laws are being made to safeguard businesses and countries and punish criminals. Information Technology ACT 2000 act provides special laws against crimes like hacking, financial theft, and virus attack etc. The government has also imposed monetary penalties for certain crimes. Cyber-crime is as serious a crime as any other crime. It has now become a global threat. Countries like the united nation are coming up with technologies and laws against cybercrime.

Lastly remember that safety is in our control. Use of the internet wisely and cautiously can save us from being a victim. Stay attentive and don’t share your personal details and passwords without confirmation of the security of website.

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