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Study from Home, The real Stressor

Study From Home

Study from Home, The real Stressor

Homeschooling, hybrid schedules and isolation have unfortunately become a new normal for kids as well as college students.

But with the new learning concepts in schools, students have to overcome hurdles of social anxiety and constant fatigue of being in front of the camera for their online classes.

However, before we get to possible remedies to this kind of stressful situations, let’s discuss the causes of stress and anxiety from online courses.

Although each one of us have a unique relationship with stress, there are some factors that are universal in terms of the difficulties faced from too much of online presence.

What leads to anxiety and stress in an ELearning environment?

  • New technology

With the requirement of keeping the camera on during classes, it makes us extremely conscious about how we look and appear to other people in a class. This feeling of being preoccupied and under constant scrutiny leads to a sense of being overwhelmed becomes one of the major reasons for our stress and anxiety.

  • Social circle

Almost all of us have our own friend circle. At least all of us have few friends with whom we share everything or crib about the problems in life. We have people with whom we share problems face to face. But with the lockdown and online classes, students are unable to doc such interactions or have limited and restricted ones limited to texts and occasional video calls. This does not offer much relief in comparison to face-to-face interactions. So we are left on our own at home to deal with our difficulties that bother us.

  • Fear of not being able to learn

Majority of the student population need on-on-one interactions with their educators and professors, while some also require extra help after classes. Unfortunately, with online classes the scope of such enrichment has been largely cut off making many students find it difficult to grasp critical concept. Students are majorly anxious that they are not being fully able to grasp the concepts in the new ELearning environment.

How to tackle the anxiety online and improve stress?

One of the biggest reasons of the crippling anxiety is extended period of lockdown, isolation and uncertainty of the future. But there are some more predominant causes that needs to be addressed.

  1. Deficiency of Vitamin D

Unfortunately, the lockdown has worked against us and degraded our mental health to a lot extent. Severe deficiency of Vitamin D due to lack of exposure to sunlight has costed us our physical as well as mental wellbeing. To cope up with this deficiency one of the easiest way is to use Vitamin D supplements. However, we would suggest to consult a physician before buying any other the counter medicine.

  • Prepare a schedule

Having a proper schedule will allow you to have better control over your time set aside for daily activities while keeping some of it for yourself. The concept of leisure is crucial in order to let yourself connect with your mind and body after a hectic day full of activities and stress. Personal time lets you ground yourself in ways that help you sooth your anxiety and deal with stress in a healthy and effective manner. Overall, it helps you create a balance between work/study and leisure so that you do not end up feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

  • Reward yourself for achieving goals

Goals as we think of it does not always have to be something magnanimous. Your target might be to get an A in a test, but you can break it down into smaller and more achievable goals everyday such as studying a chapter and preparing notes. Once you complete a chapter, reward yourself by watching a movie or maybe having pizza for dinner or having an extra slice of cheesecake. It will not only allow you to stay motivated, but overall help you see how much you have actually achieved.

  • Chart your progress

Get back to the basic- using a pen and paper to write down things you have achieved and/or completed after a week or so. You will be able to notice the drastic changes in time management and your overall productivity.

If none of these seem to work, you might need to reach out to a professional who will help you cope with stress and anxiety in a healthy manner.

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