Location : Mumbai, India

Experience : NA

Fees : Negotiable, depends on number of hours per month

Qualification : Graduate

Subject : French,English

Timings : Subject to discussion

Class : I-X

Short Bio

I have 3 years experience of teaching French and English to school students, but I also offer classes for beginner level students of all ages; learning is never restricted by the bounds of age. I have coached students for their board exams and they have succeeded with flying colors! I ensure that whoever learns with me is not only increasing their proficiency, but also confidence in using the language(s) in their daily lives.
My classes include interactive lessons with activities and tasks designed to cater to each student’s needs. Furthermore, numerous resources are provided for successful learning, some of which I personally create to meet the learner’s level of understanding. I always provide my students with a mini task after class, so they can test their skills by themselves…and fear not, if the task is incorrect; that’s just a testament of your learning.