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StartUp Stories – Do you forget to take your medicines?

Do not forget to take medicines

StartUp Stories – Do you forget to take your medicines?

“Kolkata based MedTech StartUp!

You must be Joking!”

“Why are you wasting your time?

You should first do a PhD!”

“You should not have left that job! You will never get it again.”

A lot of people were saying a lot of things when a guy just out of college with zero experience wanted to startup. Some of them are still saying. Let’s see if Rohan Tripathi, the founder of Inovocare Healthsoft Solutions, actually paid any attention!

Inovocare Healthsoft Solutions or IHS is a budding MedTech Start-Up from Kolkata. Their primary product offering is MedpeR, (Your personal Medicinal helpeR!) MedpeR is an one stop adherence solution that has received acclaim on the National level! With Inovocare e-Academy, they are also involved in Medical Education and often organize free and paid events on various topics including both CMEs for doctors and general awareness programs.


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