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StartUp Stories – Senior Citizen Care

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StartUp Stories – Senior Citizen Care

New Age takes professionals beyond their hometowns, leaving their old parents alone.

Keeping in view the growing needs of the senior citizens of Bengal, an innovative service has been started by Maity’s Nestcare Techserv Pvt Ltd. Any senior citizen can avail this service wherein they will get assistance of ‘care volunteers’ from Maity’s nestcare. The services range from grocery shopping, buying monthly medicines, on call carpenters/plumbers/barbers/ambulance, daily physiotherapy to emergency hospitalisation or arranging doctor consultations. The services provided by Maity’s do not only look after the basic necessities of the senior citizens but also takes care of the mental health of the population.

Maity’s Positive Living (brought to you by NestCare Techserv Pvt. Ltd.)

DOWNLOAD the elderly care app “Maity’s Positive Living” NOW from the Google Play Store! App Download Link (Google Play Store) :

Call 990385 02050 OR 90382 05021 to check service availability in your area for senior citizens.

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