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StartUp Stories – Marketing through Sms and WhatsApp

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StartUp Stories – Marketing through Sms and WhatsApp

“Pocket Money was never enough for us. Neither was our salary.”


When the Start Up was not a buzzword two young people decided to take the plunge. OneX Solutions was born and today Mr. Deepak Agarwal and Ms. Harsha Agarwal are proud owners of this happening Tech brand with a big list of clients in their kitty. Cool Guru meets Harsha to understand the start up scenario, know the challenges and gather some tips for the young cool buddies. This video is like an online tutorial to entrepreneurship.

StartUp stories is an initiative of to share the knowledge and experience of start up founders. Under Start Up India, many companies have started in last few years. However there are several challenges and risks involved. So the experiences will help the young start ups to do better. support us in our mission of making Atmanirbhar Bharat. Our partner ShuruUp is another initiative of West Bengal. This is an independent group of startups, where everyone collaborates with each other in building an entrepreneurial mindset. This start up ecosystem will surely show new light to career aspirants.

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