Group Discussion

Some More Topics of Group Discussion

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Some More Topics of Group Discussion

  1. Assertive vs. aggressive communication.
  2. Are e-commerce discounts harmful in the long run?
  3. Did banning of 500 and 1000 notes really uproot the corruption?
  4. Brands rule our lives.
  5. Bullet train is not essential in India
  6. Cashless economy: boon or bane?
  7. Cinema now vs. cinema then.
  8. COVID-19 and its impact on mental health
  9. COVID-19 and job uncertainty
  10. COVID-19 and its impact Economy downturn
  11. COVID-19 and the subsequent change in social fabrics
  12. COVID-19: New Normal or New Abnormal?
  13. COVID-19 and India: is it failure story only? Democratic vs. dictatorship
  14. Does cashless economy help an organisation grow with global perspective?
  15. Does gender bias in portraying women in advertisements over feature or under feature the product?
  16. Dress code or no dress code.
  17. East or West, India is the best
  18. Globalisation: devil or angel?
  19. Greed is good
  20. GST bill’s pros and cons
  21. Hardwork or Smartwork.
  22. How is technology impacting jobs?
  23. How to resolve plastic problem?
  24. If you had to open a restaurant in Kolkata. What would be the factors you would take into consideration?
  25. Is Aadhar card linkage really a blessing?
  26. Is celebrity brand endorsement an effective advertising?
  27. Is Democracy hampering India’s Success?
  28. Is digital marketing taking over traditional marketing?
  29. Is India really ready for a cashless economy?
  30. Is Management an art or science?
  31. Is MBA necessary?
  32. Is social media making us social or unsocial?
  33. Job vs. entrepreneurship
  34. Job in MNC vs. Job in startup
  35. Joint family: good or bad?
  36. Live in relationship: good or bad?
  37. Love marriage vs. arranged marriage
  38. Make in India
  39. MBA in India is highly over rated.
  40. Mutual fund: is it right investment?
  41. Profits or customers, which one is more important?
  42. Pros and cons of social media
  43. Red vs. Green.
  44. Reservation should be caste based or economy based?
  45. River Ganges pure or impure?
  46. Role of digitalization in the Indian financial system
  47. Role of leadership in an organization
  48. Sabrimala verdict
  49. Share market: gambling or a viable mode of investment?
  50. Should there be reservation in India?
  51. Smart work vs. Hard work
  52. Social media: good or bad?
  53. Social media impact on human behaviour
  54. Social networking sites making people unsocial.
  55. Statue of unity: was it really necessary?
  56. Failure of Indian films in Oscar award competition
  57. Swatch Bharat
  58. The role of technology in financial services
  59. Today’s youth: are they confident or confused?
  60. Trade war and its impact on global economy.
  61. Virat Kohli or Sachin: who is a better player?
  62. Who is the better captain: Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni?
  63. Will e-commerce replace physical stores?
  64. Women are good managers
  65. Women are more complicated than men

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