Group Discussion

Group Discussion

group discussion

Group Discussion

Group Discussions are done for elimination and not for selection.

GD or Group Discussion is considered to be a comprehensive set of techniques that are required to judge the degree of suitability of a candidate who is to appear for admissions or scholarships and jobs. Under the radar of GD, a lot of aspects are taken into consideration that comprise of the personality of the individual such as- thoughts, feelings and behaviour expressed in a group. Typically these behaviors are taken to be makers that determine whether a person will be a good manager or a bad one. Both IIM and non-IIM MBA colleges put a lot of emphasis on the GD while carrying out the screening process.

The time span for GDs are 20 to 25 minutes. Within this time, a topic is assigned to the members of a group and they are encouraged to carry out the discussion on it. The panelists scrutinize every single participant and judge them based on their leadership quality, ability to communicate effectively, thought process, and the ability of coming of up convincing argument.

Since GD (Group Discussion) is one of the most important parameter for selection of candidates to the best B-schools in India, it is important to have a comprehensive idea of topics that are included in the GD.

In a GD, candidates can expect topics from four broad categories-

  • Current Affairs
  • Abstract topic
  • Business and Economy
  • Social issues

What are the skills that are judged in a GD?

The group discussion technique is a very effective
way to judge the candidate’s ability to work in a group. Given below is the
list of qualities judged during a GD.

•        How good you are at communicating with other

•        How easily you behave and interact with the other group members

•        How open-minded you are

•        How flexible or rigid you are in accepting the viewpoints of others in the group

•        Your leadership skills

•        Your analytical abilities

•        Problem-solving & critical thinking skills

•        Time management skills

•        Your skills at putting forth your ideas in an unbiased manner

•        Social attitude and confidence

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