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General Questions Asked in Interviews

Why Introduce Yourself

General Questions Asked in Interviews

Interviews always give us jitters and butterflies in stomach. However interviews can be easy if we have a fair idea of what they might ask us. That way we can do our homework, think and be prepared. Here is a compilation of several interview questions asked in general.

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. What makes you unique?
  4. Why do you want to work here?
  5. What interests you about this role?
  6. What motivates you?
  7.  What are you passionate about?
  8. Why Do You Want to Leave (or Have Left) Your Current Job?
  9. What are your greatest strengths?
  10. What are your greatest weaknesses?
  11. What are your goals for the future?
  12. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  13. How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?
  14. Can you tell me about a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?
  15. Why Did You Apply for This Position?
  16. Have You Heard About Our Company?
  17. Are You Willing to Travel or be Relocated?
  18. What is your salary range expectation?
  19. Why should we hire you?
  20. How Long Do You Expect to Stay with the Company?
  21. Do you have any questions?
  22. What did you like most about your last position?
  23. What did you like least about your last position?
  24. What is your greatest accomplishment?
  25. Tell me about your work experience.
  26. How do you define success?
  27. What is your dream job?
  28. How do you work unders pressure?
  29. What can you bring to the company?
  30. How do you handle conflict at work?
  31. What skills would you bring to the job?
  32. Why are you interested in this position?
  33. Can you explain the gaps in your resume?
  34. Are you overqualified for this job?
  35. Would you be willing to work nights and weekends?
  36. What qualities make a good leader?
  37. What is the name of our CEO?
  38. What questions haven’t I asked you?
  39. Why are you changing careers?
  40. Can you walk us through your resume?
  41. Why is our company interesting to you?
  42. Who was your favorite manager and why?
  43. Who are our competitors?
  44. Why are you the right person for this job?
  45. What is your ideal working environment?
  46. Do you have a personal mission statement?
  47. How do you keep yourself organised?
  48. Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?
  49. What three things are most important to you in your job?
  50. What do you do in your spare time?
  51. Would you ever lie for a company?
  52. Describe a time when your work was criticized?

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