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GD Topic – Rural India Vs Urban India

Rural and urban life

GD Topic – Rural India Vs Urban India

Following are some points you can use in a Group Discussion

  • The Indian society is broadly divided into two- rural and urban India. This divide is not based on religion, caste, language etc but is based on living standards of the two societies.
  • Acute electricity supply, poor roads, poor transport service, poor infrastructure-  this projects a clear image of rural India. Most of the land in rural India is used for agriculture.
  • On the other side the urban India has convenient electricity supply, good roads, satisfying transport services and excellent infrastructure.
  • There have been very few developments in rural India despite the fact that 742,490,639 (72% approx.) people of Indian population lives there as compared to 286,119,689 (28% approx.) people in urban area.
  • In today’s 21st century technology is omnipresent. The urban India has indeed changed a lot due to technological advancement. Most of the people in urban India work in industries.
  • A lot of people have got their livelihood due to the presence of technology. But the same technology is limited to only agriculture in rural India. Technology is evident in rural India only in machineries of agriculture.
  • As far as education is concerned rural India yet again lies far behind than Urban India. Students have to walk miles to go to the nearby school. And the schools are such that they have shortage of staff and poor infrastructure. On the other hand, urban India is flooded with schools both private and public. Students are provided with the good infrastructure and academic atmosphere along with sufficient staff to manage the school.
  • There are many evil practices like parda pratha, high rate of girl mortality, dowry etc., that are still prevailing in India. There are so many restrictions on girls in rural India. Parents don’t give much importance to the education of their children as they believe that their daughters will have to eventually get married and sons will have to help them out in agriculture and other labour work and hence educating children for many of them is merely waste of money, time and effort. In contrast there are many people of urban India who are not even aware of whether these evil practices still exist or not.
  • There is a vast gap between rural and urban India which is indeed a challenge to the entire nation. Although various governments of India have been introducing many schemes and projects in order to develop the rural India which can not be ignored, yet those efforts seem to have made no significant difference to the condition of rural India. No one has been able to find a solution to break this vicious circle of misery in rural India and hence it seems as if people living in such parts of India are bound to live a miserable life.

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