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GD Topic – OTT will replace movie theatres


GD Topic – OTT will replace movie theatres

  • An over-the-top (OTT) media service refers to a streaming media service offered directly to viewers.
  • The emergence of OTT platforms has disrupted the entertainment sector. It is being propelled by the rise in the standard of living, evolution of smartphones and affordable Internet connectivity.
  • Content is now king in a real sense, and it is personalized and provides opportunity for wider focused distribution.
  •  A recent Boston Consulting Group report has predicted that the OTT segment in India is currently pegged at $0.5 billion and is poised to grow to $5 billion by 2023. Affordability and convenience are the key factors that have revolutionized OTT in India.
  • It is now not uncommon to see certain films opting for the OTT route to reach out to the appropriate target audience. Video streaming platforms have certainly made watching movies affordable, convenient, and available ‘on the go,’ especially for those who prefer binge-watching.
  • That said, going out of home to socialize and unwind by watching movies is still ingrained in social fabric in India. Moreover, food and an experience as accompaniments to theatrical viewing make it still attractive.
  • It is unlikely for big-budget movies opting for an OTT platform- only route in the near future unless there is an exclusivity of content to a particular OTT platform.
  • Both mediums, for now, are holding on to their exclusivity with formats and the USP attached to it. Both of them, though serve the same type of content, but the purpose and consumer variables are different.
  • I might look for theatre experience for 3D animation or much-awaited releases, but I would fall for OTT platforms more On-The-Go with more like documentaries, interviews, podcasts, special interest content, history, or web series. It is more likely to say OTT has impacted ongoing TV viewership rather than theatrical experience.


  • One can foresee the co-existence of both theatres and OTT platforms in the long -run owing to their relevance to a particular format of content. Most people watch OTTs on weekdays and watch movies over the weekend.
  • However, the audience is likely to visit the theatre to seek an overall movie experience with a high amount of VFX and 3D, spend time with family and friends.
  • Hence it is grossly incorrect to exaggerate the impact of OTT platforms and equate it to the death of movie theatre viewing. But it is safe to assume that today’s customers like the plethora of options on the table.

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