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GD Topic – Hard Work vs Smart Work

hard work vs smart work

GD Topic – Hard Work vs Smart Work

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” said Gordon B. Hinckley which clearly states the importance of consistency and hard work if you want to achieve good in your life. But working hard doesn’t always offer success on a plate for you, if not applied with brains.

Smart work: –

  • Advantages of Smart work: –
    • Smart work is intellectual. Hence it improves our innovative and creative thinking skills.
    • Smart work improves productivity.
    • It teaches time management skills.
    • Because of smart work, we now have more free time. For example, modern transport systems reduced effort and time in moving to another place.
    • Smart work forces us to concentrate on work fully because it demands mental presence too.
  • Disadvantages of Smart work: –
    • Smart work may make us lazy, as we get used to doing less work and get more output.
    • Mere smart work may not yield results. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Hence, we cannot completely rely on smart work.
    • To work smartly, at first, we need knowledge about the work, which comes only with hard work and experience.
    • We cannot teach hard work to smart working persons if they are not willing to work hard.

Hard work: –

  • Advantages of Hard work: –
    • Through hard work, we gain knowledge and experience. This will help us to do smart work, that means we can then analyse shortcuts to do the same amount of work.
    • Hard work teaches us patience and discipline.
    • The result of hard work will be more appealing to us because we put a lot of effort into achieving it.
    • Everyone will choose hardworking persons to work under them.
    • We can teach smart work to hard-working people and we can be sure about the improved productivity because they work hard.
  • Disadvantages of Hard work: –
    • Hard work may become boring and monotonous.
    • It consumes a lot of time and effort.
    • If we fail after doing so much hard work, it’ll be very difficult to cope up with it.

Conclusion: –

We need to work hard as well as smart to achieve success in our lives. Only one of both will not be sufficient in this modern world. And hence both hard work and smart work are essential to succeed in life.

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