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Samiran Santra
Last Update October 29, 2021
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Getting a certification in ethical hacking in india will provide you the skill to access the latest commercial-grade tools, methodologies, and techniques used by hackers to lawfully hack any organization. The globally accepted certification in ethical hacking in kolkata make sure that the knowledge of auditors, network administrators, and professional from a security perspective. As the course contents are vendor-neutral, it covers the whole network-security concept. The best certification course in ethical hacking will help you to think from a malicious hackers’ viewpoint and also try to penetrate the network ethically and list out the loopholes and vulnerabilities.


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Basic Concept of Ethical Hacking

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Samiran Santra

CEO, Dataspace Security

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CEO of Dataspace Security. Web Application Pen-Tester , Ethical Hacker , Entrepreneur, Bug Bounty Hunter.

He has developed cyber strategies, written policies, procedures and has handled cyber security compliances for various organizations. He has also helped companies to enhance their overall cyber security program and to build their Cyber resilience.

As a bug bounty hunter, he has reported vulnerabilities, bugs to companies of repute like Google,Instagram, Sastasundar , Foresee game, Magisto, Signrequest, KFC India and TITAN India.

He had developed many hacking tools in PYTHON which found bugs on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail etc. He is also an Exploit writer and had been mentioned in renowned international hacking communities and forums like Exploit DB, hacker One etc. for finding vulnerabilities and bugs.

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