marketing with whats app

StartUp Stories – Marketing through Sms and WhatsApp

“Pocket Money was never enough for us. Neither was our salary.” …

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care for elderly

StartUp Stories – Senior Citizen Care

New Age takes professionals beyond their hometowns, leaving their old parents …

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Study abroad

StartUp Stories – Studying Abroad Made Easy

Learned is who makes the others learned. Education & You is …

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book ambulance via app

StartUp Stories – You can book an ambulance on an App

Quobotic Consulting Private Limited has been established in the year 2019. …

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3 d printing

StartUp Stories – The amazing world of 3D Printing

“Not everyone can do job, some need to give jobs” Ishan …

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Do not forget to take medicines

StartUp Stories – Do you forget to take your medicines?

“Kolkata based MedTech StartUp! You must be Joking!” “Why are you …

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Social Entrepreneurship

StartUp Stories – Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a wonderful concept where not only an entrepreneur …

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